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New Jersey Teacher Features Ellen

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I am a Family and Consumer Science teacher in Southern New Jersey. As part of my Masters Program in Instructional Technology, I am going to attempt a simulated interview with “Ellen”. I would like to include the blog as one of my research pieces with your permission, as well as link to the blog.
I think the “interview” will help to solidify the belief that I have that Ellen was one of the first innovators in Instructional Technology with her philosophy of education. Still fighting the notion that what we teach is just fluff.
This was the first time I attempted to research Ellen and I was blown away by her. What a woman, or even a man! My project was to create a simulated interview with an educator who had an effect on education through technology. I chose to do the interview through the site - Through animation of cute characters I hope I was able to create a snapshot of some of the highlights of her life. My target audience is for an introductory Family and Consumer Science class in middle school. An Interview with Ellen Swallows Richards is my video. It runs about 10 minutes. I do hope you find it a positive spin on an incredible woman - I believe that I will have to do more searching into her and the other women who started Home Economics.
As to why this project: It was suggested that we “interview” a person who had some influence in “instructional technology” - the integration of instructional theory into education. Since I had never really studied Ellen Richards, I thought she had a direct influence on the instruction that I had received throughout my career, so she would be a perfect candidate to study. I also feel that since Home Economics and Family &Consumer Science are always being on the chopping block, that it would be a good way for people to see that we don’t just teach “crafts”.
The research that I found truly amazed me, as well as the students in my class. I see this project as a jumping off point for some more research, as I am just beginning my journey into this Masters Degree. I think that the sort of video captures some of the highlights that so influenced Ellen and the development of the integration of Science into practical life skills. I hope that people will be intrigued, and continue to research her contributions to society and the discipline of Family & Consumer Science.
Susan Stinson
Southern Regional Middle School: FCS teacher
75 Cedar Bridge Rd
Manahawkin, NJ 08050




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