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Ellen encourages me to try new things

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

  While Ellen and I have taken a vacation from traveling for a few weeks, I have taken the opportunity to complete a quilt block for the Clothing and Textiles Community.  Each year, they cooperatively make a quilt that is raffled at the annual meeting.  This year, the theme is “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”  My experience with quilting is quite limited, but I volunteered for this one, so I had to forge ahead.

My goal was to print some Ellen photos on fabric and make them all a part of the quilt square and the theme.  Since I had never attempted this technique before, I engaged my good friend and “fabric guru”, Toni, to help me.  We worked in her studio all one afternoon selecting the right photos and then printing on special fabric designed just for this purpose. She had all the right fabrics to meet our blue theme as well as had the pigment ink printer to print the photos.  Once we selected the photos and printed them, we had to mount each with something that would attach with heat to the backing.  Once this was done, we were set—at least as to where each photo was positioned.  She then gave me carte blanche with her thread stash as I selected those I thought would look the best on the fabrics we selected.

I headed home to work with my machine as I outlined each of the photos.  More challenges with my machine and Toni ended up here at my house at her Birthday celebration helping me adjust my machine to make the decorative stitches work.  I added a few touches of lace to get the Victorian feel I wanted and was finished.

The photos are of Ellen at two different stages in her life.  The lower left is a much younger Ellen than the one on the right.  The upper left is a photo of some of the intricate stitches in a quilt that Ellen made well over 100 years ago.  The quilt is mounted and displayed at AAFCS headquarters in Alexandria.  The lower right is a photo of the medallion that was awarded in 1993 when Ellen was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca, New York.  The medallion also resides at AAFCS offices.

The one lonely square is ready to travel across the country to AAFCS Textiles Community member, LynDee Lombardo, Olympia, Washington, who will join my work with other squares contributed to fashion them into the lovely quilt that will be raffled in Cleveland next June 2010.

As always, my affair with Ellen had stretched my comfort zone and propelled me into areas that I probably wouldn’t  have ventured were it not for her influence and my desire to continue to tell her story via whatever means I can IMG_3461

This vignette is part of the fall decorations in my home.  You can see that Ellen is again front and center.  This photo comes from one in a Vassar site and looks quite elegant in this antique frame I found at a thrift store.

Visiting Bob Jones University FACS Program

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Ellen has worked hard all fall, so she stayed home this week while Joyce took a short trip down to Greenville, SC and Bob Jones University.  She went at the invitation of the new FACS Student chapter.  They requested that she talk about Hire Education:  How to Position Yourself for the Best Job Offer.  The students are so enthusiastic about family and consumer sciences and the career and job possibilities that this major offers.  This new chapter is led by three of the most mature young women I have met in a long time.  They are all articulate, responsible leaders for this group and it was so exciting to spend time with them.

L to R:  Joanna Guilliams (VP), Charity Guidinger (Pres),  Joyce Miles,  Rachel Croom (Secretary.)

This group is so exciting to work with and I know they will go far in their own leadership quest as well as promote the values of family and consumer sciences in many ways that we can all be proud of.


BJU Students

Washington State Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals Celebrate Centennial

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The conference opened with a luncheon speech by AAFCS President, Marilyn Swierk.  The afternoon was filled with great Educational Sessions and we all learned so much.  I was particularly interested in learning how to date family photos by using costumes, hair styles and jewelry.  The evening culminated with a banquet.  Alberta Hill, long time member of AAFCS and a Past President attended and we all were pleased to see her.Alberta Hill Alberta celebrated her 91st Birthday the day before our conference.  We should all be so fortunate to maintain the health and energy that Alberta has.

Ellen is Welcomed in Washington State

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Ellen is truly a jet-setter as she moves from upstate New York and Lake Placid  last week to Washington State this week.  We were met last evening by long time friend and FACS colleague, Roxanne Trees and later joined by none other than AAFCS President, Marilyn Swierk.  The three of were all in New York last week and have to regale each other about our myriad of travel challenges in the last week. Joyce and Ellen were treated to a most gorgeous site from the plane window.  We thought it was Mt. Ranier, but later IMG_3247 Roxanne set us straight that we were seeing Mt. Galcier.


Joyce and Marilyn are still on Eastern time, so are ready to retire early.  Ellen finds out later that Marilyn and Roxanne stayed up much later as they had their own slumber party.

The next day, Roxanne was our gracious host as she transported us across the beautiful Cascade Range and into the Wenatchee  Valley and the joint conference with WAFCS and WA FACS Educators. As you can see, snow is already accumulating in the higher elevations.











We had to stop along the way to sample the famous Wenatchee Valley apples. The owner said we were the second most interesting visitors he had had that day.  We asked who beat us out for first, and he said the female deer hunter who just had to stop to show off her trophy.  We all decided that coming in second was just fine!IMG_3259 Marilyn is on the left with Roxanne in the middle, along with the orchard owner. He said snow is in the forecast and they will soon be closing for the season.




The conference starts tomorrow with 265 registered.  What RICH CONVERSATIONS we will hear as they share experiences.

Ellen In Wenatchee

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Roxanne and Marilyn at apple Cotlets What a fun day we have had.  Early this AM , we visited the Apple Cotlett Factory in Cashmere which is close to where we are staying.  Here they make the famous candies from the various fruits.  We were able to tour the actual factory assembly line and see the candies in production.  For safety and cleanliness reasons, we all had to wear a full hairnet when we entered the factory itself.  Marilyn and Roxanne were particularly fashionable as they posed all ready for the tour.

We have had a serious challenge with servers and are still not up in full array. Please be patient while we work this out.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009




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