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NC Celebrating AAFCS 100 Years in 1837 Inn

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


From Savannah, we made a quick trip to Winston-Salem, NC where my own AAFCS Affiliate was celebrating 100 Years at a beautiful old inn that once was a cotton factory and warehouse in 1837, the Brookstown Inn. The building has lovingly been restored with each room being a nice suite that felt like home.  We even had cookies and milk served before heading to bed.  This meeting brought together many past NCAFCS Past Presidents. We continued many Rich Conversations that were begun last year in Greensboro as we shared why we had entered the profession and how we had enjoyed out practice in the field.  Myrtle Stogner (l) and Betty Penny were just two of our Past Presidents who joined us. Our eleven (11) students who joined us will continue the legacy that Ellen Richards left for us 100 years ago.

Living The Chalkley-Fenn Dream

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

This past week, I attended the Florida/Georgia Association for Family and Consumer Sciences meeting in Savannah where we enjoyed meeting so many friends from both states.  This time, Ellen was on a little vacation and I presented on Technology Impacting Family and Consumer Sciences.  We enjoyed the gorgeous, Old South of Savannah’s wonderful parks and old, old buildings.  In an AAFCS National Issues Forum, Financial Fitness….It’s Priceless, we were able to use the deliberation guide produced by Deb Gentry, a former Chalkley-Fenn Public Policy Visiting Fellow.  We truly were able to live the dream using materials developed through special funding from gifts to the association. Members were treated to a special ” Two Nickols Worth, address from current AAFCS President, Shelly Nickols Richardson and her mother, Dr. Sharon Nickols, former AAFCS President, 2002-2003.

Top photo are Florida members, Monica Dawkins and Eleanor Cavanah

Lower Photo are Georgia members Sharon Nickols, Shelly Nickols-Richardson, current AAFCS President, Janet Valenti and Elizabeth Andress

Ellen At Jane Addams Hull House

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


Recently we learned that the Museum at Hull House has produced heirloom tomatoes and packaged them with Ellen’s picture on the label.  On the back side, there is a nice commentary about who Ellen was and her impact.  There is no record that Ellen visited Hull House, but one of the members of Hull House Settlement did visit Ellen to learn about the running of the New England Kitchen.  Hull House went on to run a similar kitchen for immigrants in Chicago. There were friends of Hull House who did know Ellen and her influence on the quality of life for families.clip_image001 Sophenisba Breckenridge and Marion Talbot of the University of Chicago were two who knew Ellen.


Friday, March 13th, 2009

March is here and we are ready to release the second DVD on the life of Ellen Swallow Richards.  As a companion to THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF ELLEN SWALLOW RICHARDS, we have produced the second DVD IN HER OWN WORDS.  This DVD features the portrayal of Joyce Miles as Ellen.  There are three acts illustrating various periods of Ellen’s life from her Vassar days through her professional career. Attired in a period costume designed and created by AAFCS member LynDee Lombardo, Joyce transports us back a century ago to walk with Ellen. Through this portrayal, we can understand more of Ellen’s thoughts and visions as she worked against all odds to accomplish so much.  We are reminded of the struggle women faced in the late 1800s as they sought to take a more proactive place in society.  The DVD is now available on the AAFCS website,

President Obama Proclaims Ellen as leading Environmentalist

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Early this week in his proclamation for Women’s History Month,  President Obama has given due credit to Ellen Swallow Richards as being one of the early women who championed a cleaner environment.  What a great acknowledgement from our President.  We can use this information to proclaim to our communities that Ellen also founded our profession 100 years ago this year.  Use this opportunity to convene people in your community to watch the DVD  The Life and Legacy of Ellen Richards available on the website. Invite community leaders, former home economics professionals, history buffs and anyone who might enjoy a great story from the last century.  Also consider a multidisciplinary class activity with the science departments in your schools.  See the link at the lower left column to view the proclamation in its entirety.

Ellen Takes tour to the Heartland and visits Kansas

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Sharolyn Jackson,Carolyn Jackson, Jan Stevens

Sharolyn Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Jan Stevens

It is early March and Ellen leaves Lexington, Kentucky and the heads to the heartland and the Kansas Unified FACS meeting. Family and Consumer Sciences professionals all across the state have worked to make this a great conference.  Carolyn Jackson, AAFCS Executive Director, and native Kansas also visits us and renews many old friendships.  We also celebrate once again with a cake, balloons and all the festivities.  We have some serious sessions, too, and everyone makes our 20 students feel welcome and appreciated.

Ellen Visits Kentucky Affiliate

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Centerpieces to Celebrate 100 YearsColmon, Joyce and BeckyTotally awesome were comments heard about the program in Kentucky.  We heard a young man, Colmon Elridge III, Executive Assistant to the Kentucky Governor, give testimony to the value of having been in FCCLA and 4-H and learning his leadership skills that serve him today. He remarked that he was the only one in the Governor’s Cabinet who knew Robert’s Rules of Order.  He went on to praise all the we do in Family and Consumer Sciences. He is pictured with Conference Chair, Becky Nash and Joyce.  Students made the clever little centerpieces to help celebrate our 100th Birthday.




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