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North Florida AAFCS Celebrates Centennial with Rich Conversations

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Eleanor Cavanah with very old home economics book.
Eleanor Cavanah with a very old Home Economics book
Glenda Warren’s Mother, Nettie Ruth Brown, Glenda
Nettie Ruth Brown and Lina Ingraham looking at memorabilia.FAFCS President, Glenda Warren (rt),  her Mother (left),Nettie Ruth Brown Everything went beautifully - better than expected…it all just flowed so naturally.








We started at 5:30 - 6 with a social time. Most spent the time talking and viewing all the memorabilia on display…it was really nice. Nettie Ruth Brown had lots of old things including Rumford Cookbook, and New England Kitchen cookbook, old aprons, etc. Eleanor Cavanah brought the materials that FL had on display at AAFCS for the Affiliate Wall of History. Everyone was really interested in the Florida history.  We had 15 in attendance.

  All the members brought salads, and Duska bought cheesecakes. We had time to eat and had everyone select a dessert while we watched the Ellen Richards’ Life and Legacy DVD.

 We had the few people with their backs toward someone to move out so that we formed a circle, all of us seated, then started with the questions we developed from the Rich Conversations Guide in the AAFCS Centennial Manual. We had an interesting exchange of comments with the first 2 questions, then everything just started falling into place as people made their remarks…all which led to responding to all but 2 questions without me ever having to ask them! It was just a natural flow with me as facilitator; nearly everyone’s biggest concern was the name change…taking the “home” out of our name; and one person reminded us that in the dvd Ellen said she didn’t care what we called it as long as it included “home” - everyone felt that’s where we lost a lot of our influence and clout; another challenge has been with decreasing membership of the association due to our specializations; it made us too fragmented and led some members (as we know) to join their specialty organization instead of AAFCS. All are concerned about the decreasing numbers. Eleanor did a wrap up. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it.

 Glenda Warren (FL Affiliate pres) was there with her mother as well as another person from Dist C. Kathy Kay is planning a similar program in Gainesville on Dec 3, so she came for ideas and borrowed some of the items on display. They all raved about the program. Edited from a first person report by Lina Ingraham, longtime member of AAFCS and co-chair of the Rich Conversations event with Eleanor Cavanah, also a longtime member of AAFCS.


Ellen Visits Middle Tennessee State University

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Ellen and MTSU Nutrition students


Ellen (Joyce) and Rebecca Cross, PGS

President and organizer of the event. 

Today was a first for Ellen as she visited a University-sponsored event by  PGS students and included FCCLA students from area high schools.  Over 100 high school and college human sciences students celebrated the 100th Birthday of Family and Consumer Sciences. Each of the student clubs in Human Sciences had displays to show the FCCLA students.   Eveyone enjoyed the DVD of Ellen’s Life and Legacy and then watched the reenactment. Watch for pictures to follow.

Ellen visits NE Regional AFCS

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

We leave Boston and Jamaica Plain with a little sadness, but are eager to reach Nashua, NH and a quieter, slower pace of life than metro Boston.  The leaves are slowly changing and we see a difference in the three days we are there.  Over 200 participants came from the six New England Affiliates and also from other affiliates.  Pennsylvania must have had a least a dozen to participate.  Everyone was energized and enjoyed the speakers immensely.  The round tables where we met for all our meals as well as the keynote presentations provided opportunity to engage in rich conversations about our 100 years of history as well as the future of the profession.  These two teachers were so excited about the professional development opportunities this conference provided.  They were eager to return to tell their principal what value they had received. They said they would walk a little taller and stand more proud of their profession after being at the conference.

Ellen returns to her NE Roots

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Joyce, Pam Joan MurphyIn addition to the NE Regional AFCS Conference, we were able to tour with the group to Dunstable where Ellen was born, visit the Swallow Cemetery and a distant cousin of Ellens, Cliff Davis.  Cliff invited us into his house to see some Swallow Family photos he had, then he escorted us a few hundred yards away to the Swallow Cemetery.  A poignant moment was shared by all as Pam Swallow, Ellen’s first cousin three times removed, met Cliff Swallow Davis for the first time.  They hugged and it seemed as if they were old friends.  We went on to meet Dunstable Historian, Dave Kimpton at the Little Red School House.  He was appropriately attired in 19th Century garb as he shared with us what Dunstable was like at the time Ellen lived there.  We traveled on to Westford Academy where Ellen attended school.  We all enjoyed walking in her footsteps throughout this century + old building.   Dave Kimpton, Historian.  Joyce, Pam and Cliff Davis.  Joyce, Pam Swallow, Joan Murphy.  Doll is of Ellen on display at Westford Academy

Ellen Visits MIT

Friday, October 10th, 2008

After visiting downtown Boston, Trinity Church, and the old MIT neighborhood, Ellen visits the current MIT Campus as a guest of AMITA, the women’s alumni group from MIT.  Joyce presents IN HER OWN WORDS, following by a spirited discussion about today’s sciences and what Ellen would think about the many issues we face today. The audience mix of students, MIT alumnae and several family and consumer sciences professionals provided a rich conversation about 100 years of history and a possible future for women in science and the future of Ellen’s love, human ecology.  Right photo is of downtown Boston side-by-side living that prompted Ellen to choose to live in a freestanding house in Jamaica Plain.  Left photo illustrates some rich conversation about MIT’s first female graduate, Ellen Swallow Richards.

Ellen visits Jamaica Plain Historical Society

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Once again, the lovely Loring-Greenough House and the Jamaica Plain Historical Society hosts Ellen.The Loring-Greenough House was constructed in 1760 by Commodore Loring and owned by the Greenough family from 1783 until 1924. The Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club purchased the house in 1924 and has been steward ever since then. In 1775 and 1776, the House or one of the out buildings served as a bakery for a large contingent of Colonial forces.  At the time of the Battle of Bunker Hill, the House itself became a military hospital.  This has earned the House the distinction of being the only surviving such facility in the Boston area.

  This time Joyce portrays Ellen IN HER OWN WORDS.  The JPHS always welcomes Ellen as one if its most historic residents.  They are proud to tell us that among the 2000 Historical Sites in the United States, only 50 are dedicated to women and two of those are in Boston and one is dear Ellen’s house on Eliot Street.  What an honor to present in her own neighborhood. Coming back to Jamaica Plain is like coming home to family as they are so welcoming and so gracious.  We are enthralled by all the history that abounds in this neighborhood and also the enthusiasm which the JPHS members, along with the Tuesday Club, exhibit when we attend events.  We understand more with each visit why Ellen chose this lovely neighborhood as her home for over 35 years.  It is indeed a beautiful, environmentally preserved mecca so close to the bustling Boston downtown.  Joyce is pictured as Ellen with JPHS host, Mary Samoyer.

Framingham State College invites Ellen to present

Friday, October 10th, 2008

After leaving Minneapolis we arrive in Boston to stay in Jamaica Plain, just one block over from where I (Ellen) used to live.  Bob has joined me and we are staying at the Taylor House, which is a stately old JP home built in the mid 1800s and lovingly restored to its earlier splendor.  We enjoy being so close to all that Boston has to offer.  We head out west a few miles to Framingham State College where the Nutrition students have organized an opportunity for us to share the passion we have for our history with the Ellen DVD.  We entertain nutrition students and faculty.  

Ellen Visits Phi Upsilon Conclave in Minneapolis

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Leaving Indianapolis and all my Indiana friends was difficult, but I had to attend the Phi U Conclave as I was inducted as a National Honorary Member of Phi Upsilon Omicron.  The meeting was electric with all the enthusiasm of the many students attending as they mingled with the Phi U alums.  One alum was Dr. Gertrude Esteros, who is 94 years old and chaired the Department at University of Minnesota.  It was so encouraging for the profession to see all these bright, energetic young women and men representing their students chapters of Phi Upsilon.





Thursday, October 9th, 2008


Ellen started her Fall Tour with the Indiana Association meeting in late September.  Over 150 people shared in many memories for the Gala Event. Alumni from Indiana State, Ball State and Purdue University joined members to celebrate the event.  A special honoree was Dr. Anne Lee, former chair of the Department at Indiana State University who will be 100 years old next month 




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